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Everyone has been in this spot. It’s scary as hell too. You’re cornered and about to be exposed to the world for what you are. Be it high school, work, or undead… it’s a terrifying moment. No one enjoys going through this process. You can’t be sure that entrancement will save you. People are smarter than they used to be and there are so many cameras all around us that even if we talk our way out of the room, someone catches us. It is human nature. And for those of us without a pulse, lying is our way of life.

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So what do you do? Can you reasonably run away without exposing super human speed? Can you leap three stories to a roof top in a single bound? Can you avoid being on the 6 o’clock news that evening? We have to remember that for most of us, there is no vampire academy that teaches you everything that you need to know. All you go out there with is your wit, and whatever words of wisdom you’ve picked up over the years.

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Escape tactic #1 – Tell the truth. Obviously not the flatliner part of it. But, if your choices are being the bad guy that lied, cheated and stole or owning to drinking someone’s blood for dinner… be brutally honest. So honest that people will want to leave you alone because they think you’re so terrible. Get the spotlight off of you.

Escape tactic #2 – Break it off. Whatever it is, make up a reason, end it. Don’t go on the ski trip. Don’t go to the bar. Don’t stay in the relationship. Cold turkey, cold hearted, full ahead stop. They can’t expose someone who bails out on them. Most of the time they want you there to be their proof.

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Escape tactic #3 – You may have to run, like get out of there and run. Sometimes that means the FBI or CIA may be on to you and swimming, excessive speed when running, and speed jumping may be needed. We cannot get caught or we will be dissected like aliens.

Escape Tactic #4 – Get training. Go to your nearest Sanctum and ask for the one year beginners training that every flatliner can get without having to sign up to work for Primus directly. Evasion 101 may save your neck. It’s worth swallowing your pride and ego. They teach you things you’ve never heard of – and I’m not spoiling the secret here.

Escape and keep our most ominous secret.

-Staff Reporter

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