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Often times, traveling alone can be a fun experience. Many people prefer to travel together. However, there is something very freeing about going it alone. When you live for a really long time, doing normal things becomes mundane. Once, you’ve seen the world you want to see it again from a new perspective.

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So, we often find ourselves playing a game of intrigue where the lone traveler has to find a target (a person), befriend them, and pretend to be someone else that they know the whole time. For example, Chad may go to Rome alone and decide to target Angela. But, Chad must impersonate Rob the whole time. Since there are so many of us spread around the globe, the lone traveler usually finds a fellow flatliner to place a wager with based on their success.

Humans do this to trick people out of their resources, i.e. money or knowledge. We do this for fun and it’s also good practice since we often have to assume multiple identities and corresponding personalities over time.

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Here, we are actually following  Chad and his progress with Angela. One of the hardest things to remember is to answer to your “name” because you’re not used to it. Another pitfall is remembering all of the little details because the other person tends to ask questions later.

A little background information: Chad is white, tall, brunette, green eyes, muscular, and easy to get along with. Rob is white, medium height, medium build, not muscular, blonde, blue eyes, and extremely talented and feigning Tourette’s syndrome. Angela lives in Rome, is originally from Spain, has a thicker build, long honey brown locks of hair, brown eyes, and is extremely hard to impress.


Here is how it went… Chad saw Angela at the market and decided she would be his target because he saw her completely ignore three other guys who were trying to get her attention. He walked up to her and started asking about where the movie theater was in Italian. She told him to jump off a bridge in Spanish and Chad started laughing because he understood her.

“But, is the bridge near the movie theater?” Chad asked in Spanish.

“Yes, right across the street from it.” Angela answered him embarrassed.

“Would you mind seeing me to the end of the bridge then, just in case I need a lifeguard?” Chad answered, then feigned Tourette’s “beautiful woman!” he all but shouted.

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“Excuse me?” Angela said as she looked around and saw three other slender blonde figures absorbing the loud compliment.

“I’m so sorry,” Chad began. “I didn’t mean to shout at you. I have a condition…”

Understanding that the compliment was meant for her Angela reluctantly agreed to see him to the theater, and dinner, and dancing. They met at the market and followed this pattern for three days until Chad told her that his business trip was ending and that he would have to be leaving soon.

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Angela felt disappointed and angry for letting her guard down and starting to develop feelings for Chad. Until, he asked her to go to the next conference with him in Australia. Angela, unfortunately agreed. Once they arrived to the conference, yes there really was a conference, he entranced Angela just enough to introduce her to the real Rob. Chad explained to Rob that he was playing the Traveler’s Game and Rob happily had lunch and dinner with Angela. The next morning, Chad went to see Angela to see if she felt like she’d spent the whole day with him or if she felt like she was with a stranger.

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Poor Angela answered that she had been with him the whole time. This means that Chad was so successful at impersonating Rob that Angela could not tell the difference even though she really had been with the real Rob the day before. Chad informed Rob of the results and they settled up on their wager. Chad parted ways with Angela and paid her airfare home.

Be careful who you choose to play games with. If you accidentally pick a living immortal because we are drawn to their scent; you may be on vacation off the map, but on the radar. Primus does not approve of consorting.

-Staff Reporter