Hot Spots We Love… Travelers Inc.

Trav Card 4

We took a poll and have found that the undead hot spots of the century are as predicted. Easy to get to, easy to escape from, and thriving with fresh blood. Although these are typically considered places that humans love to visit, we also tend to enjoy them. The variety of people that travel, like a wine tasting buffet all in one place, means that one need only travel to one place to sample the world.

Crowds are a good thing, easy to find prey and leave them. We aren’t as heartless as we used to be. Most of the time, we try to blend in and research our targets before just chomping down on whoever looks tasty. But, humans are getting smarter and their technology is always advancing. So, take care to keep a few pouches from your local sanctum handy just in case a bite to eat isn’t feasible. The Orions keep a lovely array of A- chilled in the special reserve quarters for a consigned price of service. They do bite, so be careful when making a deal.

Here is the countdown for our favorite spots to take a breather from the daily grind of pretending to be alive and actually live in the moment:

#5 – Iceland is a beautiful place, nice and chilly, and has a view of the heavens. This may be as close as we can get to those pearly gates given our condition.


#4 – Austin Texas is a buzz with activity day and night, so if you’re more traditional and prefer to venture out at night this is the place for you. Be sure to take a dip in the Colorado River, and not to leave any bodies there.


#3 – Spain is as romantic as Paris is. It has breathtaking views and a special Bloody Vine Bakery in several spots to help with those romantic snacks.

Asturias - sPAIN

#2 – Haiti gives the beauty of history and seclusion for those of you trying to get off of the grid for a while. This is the place to relax while Dr. Jones and her crew clean up an incident.


#1 – Los Angeles California is the grandest buffet of all. Even tastier than New York because of the warm weather and proximity to our Pacific Island outlets. Go for a swim to Hawaii for some tropical snacks, be careful not to get eaten en route by the Siren as you know she is moody.


Take a walk downtown, or go through China Town, Korea Town, you name it they have it. The cuisine is excellent, and the human food isn’t too bad either. Go glamorous or go home!


Staff Pick – We love Australia. Through another shrimp on the Barbie, or just through Barbie on there. The desert, beach, the city, it’s got everything you need. Beware of the obscenely large spiders though.


-Staff Reporter