Episode 1 – Grace… Epic Undead

E1 Grace

Episode 1: Grace

(A letter to Elle from Grace.)


Dear Elle,

As you know, Troy and I gave it a go as being more than friends. It was short and ended horribly. Not because we overstepped our bounds because we are both old enough to know how to recover from that. But I think what it really came down to is that I was ready to let him see who I really am and he wasn’t ready to do the same.

He resorted to his usual tactics to push people away and insulted anything and everything about me claiming that I wasn’t good enough for him. Even though I knew what he was doing, it hurt to be rejected for being me and not someone else. I think he really loved someone along the way and having lost that person has made him punish everyone else who tries to get close to him for not being her.

That is why Primus has absolute trust and confidence in Troy as to do his bidding and seduce who he needs information from without having to worry about Troy growing a conscience or falling in love. He will never put another person before his own motives or try to save anyone. He never has and he might not ever love anyone enough to try. Not until it is too late anyway.

I was distraught, I has admit that. But, I had not expected to have a child place a tiny tracking device on me for the immortals. They know where the California Sanctum is. Primus blamed me for the breech and has confined me to my quarters. Being a member of the Ancient Council will not save me from his rage. I will be brought to trial before my peers and killed in a matter of weeks.

Troy has not come to see me to say good bye. He went on another job to seduce some poor girl that Paul fell in love with. I thought he was off living on a monastery trying to keep us abreast of the human methods for vampire hunting using Holy relics.

Anyway, I don’t know if it will make a difference but you are the only one I can talk to so I will tell you what he said that really made me feel awful.

He said, “Grace I have to tell you that this isn’t going to work. I want to have feelings for you that just aren’t there. I think I tested things out so you could see it for yourself. I think it would take an act of God for me to want you. You are not who I want to have a life with and you never will be.”

He spent months telling me otherwise. In the end I’m glad that I know for sure and won’t have any regrets. Needless to say, I doubt we are still friends and honestly I would have appreciated him just leaving me alone in the first place if an act of God was needed to just open up instead of treating me like one of his human rejects.


Part of our Epic Undead Season  One Preview… to be continued