When Roaming… Travelers Inc.

Trav Card 2

When roaming for that glorious bite, keep in mind that calories on vacation only sort of count. Stay nutritious. Don’t mix blood types any more than you would light and dark alcohols. Here are some tasty treats to be had for the little bit of human in all of us.


Moroccan Tagine can be a fabulous dinner, and if you go to a flatliner owned establishment called M. Coco’s they will substitute the chickpeas for blood clots.


When in England, do try one of DJ. Casey’s Scotch eggs, filled with our favorite red froth upon request. The bread can be made with almond flour, rice, flour, or wheat flour depending on where in the world you are as DJ’s is a triad chain


South Africa knows how to BBQ and has a special sausage called Boerewors that is spicy and juicy. You can always add that undead flavor kick of filling upon request from Ricky J.’s if you stop at his spot along the coast.


If you happen to visit the Philippines, please indulge in a sushi donut, our style of filling is available upon request. They are a salty and delicious treat when surfing and shopping.

As always, clean up your messes and keep Dr. Jones and her clean up crew on retainer should a feeding go badly when you decide to dine in for a home made meal.

-Staff Reporter