Feeling Loss of Self… Tears Bloom

Tear Card 7

Some people say, “But, I finally made it to…” please fill in the blank. Manager, quarterback, cheerleader, new grad, finance coordinator, small business owner. Then suddenly, everything has been closed down and we are all forced to stay indoors. This has happened before.

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Not just other plagues over the years, but other scenarios. You have been here before and have already been told, “Do not let your current title define you.”

Finally making it to the big time only to have to give it up does not mean you lost what got you there, just your ability to showcase it. So, many suffer the feeling that they lost themselves because they lost what they perceived to be their purpose. But, what is your real purpose in life?

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Were you born to be a shift lead? Or a lead in a choir? Or a point guard? Does all of your status really fizzle away because the gates are shut and your buddies aren’t there to admire you? Hardly.

There are so many people who have been instructed to remember who they are and why they are amazing with or without a title. Thanks Mom. No really, thank you. You see not just what I have become but also my potential and I shall never forget that. Today I may mow lawns and tomorrow I may fly a plane. Why? Because I’m immortal and had time to learn to become both? Partly.

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I also learned that my value is not tied to a title. I’m not somebody because other people swoon when I walk through, or because everyone knows my name even though I don’t know theirs, or anything like a high school movie where people are looking at their value based on the acceptance of others.

I am amazing. I can move mountains. I am sitting in my pajamas with no make up on, no cute outfit, and have my hair tied in a knot on the top of my head title free with no interest in pursuing the next one. Yet, I am still all of these titles in between. I am a hairstylist, a teacher, a clerk, a legal study, a biologist, a conductor, and an artist.

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And I’m not wearing a single one of those hats today. Tomorrow does not look likely either. It doesn’t change that I am me.

You should remember that no matter what your day job or infamous title is, you are what you say you are. So, quit calling yourself anything other than fabulous.

Grieve not, for the loss of a title only means another moment to just breathe and be yourself.

-Staff Reporter


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