Carrying On… Tears Bloom

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Carrying on and blooming by keepsake is a thing with us. We prefer not to let memories torment us, particularly when there are so many to keep track of over the centuries. So, you will find many of the undead keep a certain little something to memorialize an important event in our very long lives. We have suggested that humans do the same. It makes having to carry a burden that you don’t want to put down so you don’t have to let go easier. Mainly because you have something you can hold, pick up, and put down at will.

Here are our four favorite keepsake ideas.

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As you might have guessed, jewelry is our number one favorite. One can have a jeweled pin, a ring, a necklace, a bracelet, a watch, and then engrave it with the date and name of the event. Keep a miniature journal tucked away with the item describing everything that you carry inside about the event and then put both the item and the journal together in a special place. Now you have a diamond or ruby that lasts forever, the memory of what it was with it, and have successfully created an alternate place for the event and the pain that comes with it to live. You can get through the rest of the grieving process now that you know it wasn’t all for nothing, will not be forgotten, and has been perfectly preserved.

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A close second favorite, due to our old world traditions, is a keepsake by sculpture. That’s right, fashion or find a keepsake resembling your loss. This is especially good for lost pets, cars, or other objects that there are already miniature sculptures of that can be ordered and sent by mail. Yes, as you may have guessed, shopping channels is an addiction to the undead that prefer to stay at home, are under house arrest, have just faked their deaths, or are adjusting to new identities.

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Another old world tradition is to have a portrait made. These days, people prefer pictures and something called a photo album. They take all of their pictures, put them in a book of remembrance with captions next to each entry and store the thick booklet away much like the jewelry keepsake. I hear something of a digital version of this exists…

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Last but not least, our fourth favorite way to memorialize a loss is by recording. We have found over the years that talking out an event and all of the hurts that come with is has its own catharsis. But, since so much of our lives are shrouded by secrecy, a nice little recording device works well. Record every sob, every scream, every ounce of your suffering and talk through the whole event. Then, when you are ready, burn the tape. Let your pain burn and become the smoke that wafts away in the wind releasing you from the fire of burning up inside you everyday. Get it out and let it burn. Lack of evidence often saves someone who is still tormented over a loss from 75 years ago. It really does feel like just yesterday. But, you would be proud of me. I took my own advice. I burned the portrait, the recording, and the sculpture… but, of course I kept the ring.

-Staff Reporter

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