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So, it seems you have a choice to make. We always advise to choose life. That is why this is an open invitation for anyone who is determined to stay in this new world of vampires and immortals to join our cause. We don’t want to kill off vampires, merely help them attain their humanity before the actual end of the world and the judgement thereof.

There are so many of them that did not ask for this. These people were injured, wound up hanging with the wrong people, and several hundred of them were vetted for being bitten. Those are the ones who will ultimately choose to regain their humanity. Those that want to retain their undead immortality can and will. We just want them to have a voice, have a choice, and not be needlessly condemned without anyone willing to stand up for them.


Not every ex-vampire will join us in Petra. Just like every immortal will not want to help save a vampire that has potentially snubbed their help, or somehow killed a family member of theirs a few hundred years ago. That is why we need your assistance. This is an opportunity for you to choose life and help them get to make that same choice.

So here’s what they’re not telling you:

Our sources have told us that the Sanctum Council executed one of their Ancients due to leaking the following information. She was bugged, but she knew their protocol for debugging and somehow let one through.


The Reign of Blood will commence within the next five years. Primus needs two things from the human race in that time. One, he needs new recruits if he is going to successfully enslave the human race to the extent that he’s planning during the trials of the apocalypse. And two, this is where you may or may not come in depending on how useful you are to him, a large stockpile of fresh blood. You will wind up imprisoned until they get hungry, and on a daily basis however many people it takes to feed their troops will be taken to a processing room to be exsanguinated and served up by the cupful.

That’s what we know. And it’s only fair that if we are giving the undead a chance to choose life that we extend that choice to their new recruits as well.

-Blake out

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