A word from the boss… Part 1

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Hi. This is Grenhelda. I will be conducting meeting minutes for today. Primus has called a meeting regarding the pirate signal broadcasting on our systems by the living immortals. The meeting went as follows:

Dr. Jones entered, looking smug as she always does. She seems to always know something that the rest of us do not. Well, since Primus enters shortly after, I’m willing to bet that she sucked up her pride after he had her husband killed in that bout of stupidity and is cuddling up to the boss. A vicious rumor I have industriously circulated myself. I can’t stand that she is so close to him.

Her husband was killed because the two idiots let themselves slip back so close to human that she actually got pregnant. Her husband took the blame, as he should, and was killed. The pregnancy as you can imagine was terminated, by Primus, personally. I don’t know what he ever saw in her. The only reason that she was bitten was to foster the manipulation needed to genetically pass into a dictator who could sway masses of people into letting us commit genocide.

Not because we wanted to kill people needlessly, but there was an influx of new blood vampires that required feeding. The Bitten Restrictions were instituted so as not to cause a blood shortage or a human war again. But, the need for blood was so high that war and blood camps were needed at the time.

Now that her husband is gone Maribel Jones has no one to protect her. Her skills are the only asset keeping her off of a short list of traitors who are kept reassembled like blobs in comas until they are needed. She did in the end get her way and get to raise the Nephilim child Danny, who has promptly been sent to Red Rail Academy before anyone could get their hands on him. I guess she made a descent mother.

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Primus entered, bothered, tortured, and angry as always. I guess she wasn’t satisfying after all. I think he needs to spend more time with me. But, there is his temperament to consider. He’s likely to kill me if he’s in a bad mood. I have my value, but my specific set of skills isn’t always what the current century needs. I may have to marry as a fall back.

Brendonas is looking like a decent candidate as usual. I’m sure I’d drive him crazy after about a hundred years though. I need someone with staying power. Like he would stay regardless of how much he had grown to hate me over the years. There’s Toro, but he’s always too distracted to look at a woman. All he feels is hunger pains. I swear that may weigh on my nerves more than his. And then there’s Indio the Seeker. He’s always on a mission of some sort. You know the best marriage may be one where the man is never home.

To be continued…

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