A word from the boss… Part 2

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As I was saying, a husband who isn’t home all of the time may lengthen the marriage considerably. After all, you are an old maid and a failure at pairing if your marriage lasts less than two centuries. A hundred years bickering with the same person is long enough. But, twice that long just to still be eligible for remarriage in the eyes of society when you do eventually call it quits… it’s torture.

I’ve never really wanted to marry. I always felt badly about how things went with Linus. Badly because I had never been loved before and I sort of ripped his guts out. I mean it was that or let blood demons eat him at the time. How was I supposed to know that he was an immortal? And then he went and married that witch. Okay, so she’s not a real witch, but you know. He married Anna. Yes, THE Anna who is on everybody’s watch list.

If we catch her then we catch the mother of all immortality. And my ex is her ex husband. They only split because their leader Neimus set an edict that immortal couples can’t marry each other to avoid power struggles in the human political power shifts. I heard he cheated on her though. I felt a little better, like maybe miss perfect wasn’t so great after all. But, I kind of felt bad too. Like he was mine and I killed him, so he wound up with her then they should at least be riding off into the sunset.

But, anyway. Primus waited with a scowl on his face for everyone to stop talking, take their seats, and called roll.B

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“Anybody who is not an Ancient should not be in this room.” Primus said.

About ten stragglers who want to have more power than they do quietly exited the room. They hoped their proxy to the Ancient that they serve was enough for attendance. Sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not.

“We have a serious problem controlling the airwaves. Anyone care to explain?” he asked angry.

“Well, with this century’s technology it is easier for secure lines to be overturned. There isn’t a person manning the line like in the old days that we could replace or kill. It’s all digital sir.” Brendonas began.

“I heard an excuse, not an answer to my question.” he all but snarled.

“If I may, sir, I’ve heard talk of movement among the immortals. They feel as though the advent of the bitten immortal is a sign that they should cross certain lines as a way of extending a hand to those who would betray you to become human.” Indio offered in a concise and professional tone.

“Hmm, so they think that more flatliners want to pull what Paul is pulling and try to become human again, even though I clearly made it illegal? I mean what was the point of giving you this gift if you’re just going to give it back? It’s rude don’t you think?” Primus said amused.

“Yes sir, very rude.” Toro agreed.

“Let the immortal scum try. In fact, I can use this to our advantage. They can flush out the traitors for me and once they’ve done so I can help them end the immortality I have so graciously given them. It won’t be something as pleasant as a human death though.” Primus continued.

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“What would you like us to do sir? The immortals clearly want to make contact with us and may not stop their broadcasts until they get it. Even though you plan to use them to flush out traitors, not addressing the broadcasts may seem like permission to continue intruding on our airwaves.” I offered as I kept my head down and acted as though I was consumed with my portable computer.

“Yes, we should address that. I don’t want sensitive information that I need broadcast to be tampered with. Set up an alternate signal for our members. Deactivate 95% of the lines the immortals are hacking to disrupt their efforts… but not so much as to stop them from showing me who would dare betray me.” Primus said and stood.

We all stood as he left the Council Room. Dr. Jones followed him, as predicted. Everyone else meandered around for about five minutes after they left so we could have our own little meeting of the minds.

To be continued…


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