A word from the boss… Part 3

Continuing on….

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Primus and Dr. Jones could no longer be sensed by anyone. You may not know this, but vampires can sense each other. Kind of like when someone enters a room and you know they are there without looking at them. Well, we all have this connection. We may not know who it is unless they have a very strong angelic or demonic aura, but we can certainly tell Primus apart from the rest. We can sense each other for distances up to a mile.

Anyway, the real meeting began. You see, we already knew about the vampires who want to change back to human and have all of their portraits stashed away on a specific floor of the Blood Cellar for the Orions to keep watch over and report their progress to the designated Ancient for the week.

A few things:

  • An Ancient is a Council Member. We all have a room in each of the Sanctums on our own floor. We are regional bosses. Not regions as in geography, but in specific areas of human engagement or hunting.
  • Orions are little minion demons from below that are more of less in charge of the dirty work we have to do. They clean up behind us, manage the Blood Cellar and it’s occupants, and other little tasks we have them do. All in-house. They are not permitted to leave the Sanctums except to return below by way of mirror.
  • Mirrors are the doorways we use to import and export items, stash people, and conduct other business with below.
Photo by Hugo Ceneviva on Pexels.com

Primus was an angel once upon a time and has a specific aura. Everyone else is like an extension of self that can be felt. We know we are never alone. But, if you are being hunted then I suppose it would be hard to keep to yourself. We have no idea how Paul has been able to slip through our fingers so many times.

So, the meeting began with Sirenivan (a sound amplifier) whispering a word that became a booming echo after a moment. He’s only the stature of a child. But, a dirty old man in a child’s body with the temperament of a serpent is exhausting and terrifying.

“Explain.” is all that Sirenivan said.

A report was brought to him by Indio, which he dutifully read and half smiled revealing fresh blood on his hind fangs. Caleb whipped through the center of the room and left as suddenly as he had appeared. On an errand for Primus no doubt. Or spying on us. Either way we have gotten very good at conducting our little meetings without confidentiality issues.

New to the Crew Brunch

I knew what the parchment said and there was no need for Indio’s words to circulate. We have new recruits that have been sworn to secrecy. At all costs we must maintain the secret of our existence. The recruits that show promise will be given mission features to further our reach. Our numbers are growing and there will be no need to invoke other worldly assistance for long.

Humans are underrated. Let us change that.

End report.

One Member Key Redeemed – One secret divulged.

Key Redeemed