The Catch… Delicious Data

The thing about the undead, is that once you’re in… once you know… you are stuck. They have to keep the secret of their existence at all costs. It’s been like that since the beginning. That was part of the deal Primus made with the source of the venom. As long as people don’t know about vampires, then they won’t know for sure about the origin of the venom, or the underworld, and therefore will have no proof of either side.

By proof I mean that people are more likely to believe in God and angels if they see vampires with venom from the devil walking around. Lu made it part of the deal to continue to claim souls his way. Primus unwittingly claims souls another way, by trapping them on earth for Lu. So, Primus has a new master. Which is a shame because he once wore a white robe and angel wings.

I have no stake in all of this except to survive. I didn’t ask to become an immortal. I fell for the prettiest girl in the village and she literally ripped my guts out. She thought she was doing me a favor as my only other option was being eaten alive. But, just the same, she and her associates laid waste to my village and I was collateral damage until I woke up terrified and somehow still alive.

Knowing left recruiting you as the only option. It was that or a horrible fate. We offer no such trade. Knowing on our end means helping the Bitten One fulfill her mission and end the bloodshed.

Don’t get caught up by the glitz and glitter of the undead. What shines now will not shimmer forever. Ask anyone older than 200 years old. The world has dulled to them, and the Ancients (who are filthy rich) could live anywhere in lavish comfort. Yet they stay in a room, on a floor of an old building, bickering with each other.

Is that the fate you choose?

-Linus out.