The blood… Delicious Data

There is a lot of concealment in being a vampire. The lifestyle has to be kept a secret. You can’t let anybody know what you are now and tell them of the guilt you will no doubt feel after feeding. Even if you don’t straight out grab someone and drain them, you know that you’re drinking someone’s life away.

There have been so many cases of vampires asking to be freed from the thirst that Primus has had several hundred of them executed in the last ten decades. They can’t handle the pressure. They can’t live as fascists who know what their security is costing others. And they pay with their lives for the freedom of their conscience.

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And what was the point in the deaths of people who fed them over the years just for those vampires to give up this gift in the end anyway? What was the point of all of those lives lost just to feed the needs of a few?

That is human nature at its worse. Just executed by the undead. When have you ever been able to look back on history and see anything different than a few who are in power bleeding those who are not in power dry?

Don’t let vampires talk you into thinking they are oh so different or so far above humans that they don’t do the exact same thing that people already do to other people. They are just more literal about the blood on their hands. Not just the cause of the deaths of untold thousands at a time, but the actual blood of those people on their dinner tables.

Think about where you come in as a new recruit on their side of the line in the sand. At least you know if you’re invited to dinner by a living immortal that you’re not going to be on the menu.

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I haven’t had a drop of blood and it physically hurts. But, I can’t bring myself to do it. I didn’t ask for this gift. Troy bit me because he thought it would save my life. He didn’t know that I was immortal and could regenerate and we were running out of time. He bit me, I drowned while he was hiding us from the guards that were chasing us because vampires cannot sense each other in water. I woke up with no reflection.

And life has sucked ever since.

-Lois out

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