A Special Right… Today’s Era

Along the path of history, you come to realize how special it is to have a democracy and the right to vote. Back in the day when Rome was the center of civilization, they did not have the right to vote. And when the crowd was given a choice of which prisoner to free and they chose not-the-son-of-God, you see how Rome fell sometime afterwards.

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In the war where nations collaborated to remove a genocidal maniac driven by what his vision of humanity should be, Nazi occupied anywhere – did not have the right to vote. No one in power cared what people had to say about how their country should be run or by whom and now millions of lineages are missing due to the horror of massacre.

We don’t need to return to the days of King George ruling the colonies, or the days of kings and queens in general. We have come too far.

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So, now that you have the right to vote, use it to make the world the place you want it to be. No politician is going to be the complete package. Each one on the ticket will be lacking in some way. If you vote, then vote in a way that will be counted towards the winner. It’s nice to vote for the little guy that has no hope of winning, but then you lost your chance to shape your world and used your voice to say that you didn’t want to be directly involved in how things turn out.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There is a pandemic of renaissance era proportions and no bonafide cure. The world is on fire by either wildfire or people setting it ablaze. People march daily to show that regardless of race, people should be treated like people and not animals to be slaughtered and spat upon. There are millions of jobless people stuck at home who are hungry, abusing each other and their children, and losing hope.

Alive or undead, vote for the future you want to see whether it is more of the same or the hope that someone else can’t possibly do worse. Better days are ahead of us somewhere out there, but how quickly we get there depends on how well you use YOUR right to vote. A right that prior civilizations fought and killed for the chance you now have.

-Staff Reporter

Every vote counts.
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