Standing Tall… Today’s Era

In light of BLM, and the truth that people should always be treated like people… a word for the ladies. It is still out there. The same thing minorities are upset about is still the unfair treatment that women face everyday. Not being paid the same wages, not being treated with the same respect, and then there is the “Me Too” movement.

Women have been treated like property, and still are in many parts of the world. Men want to rule the world , but it is the women who manage it. So, let’s take a look at a few fabulous ladies that have broken down walls in this generation to give women a beacon of “Let’s do this” to follow.

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In literature: JK Rowling and Stephanie Meyers have set the world of YA writing on fire. No one has been as successful as these two ladies with Harry Potter and Twilight. They have paved the way for other female writers to find their contracts and the validation that previously only belonged to men.

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In politics: Michelle Obama is the only First Lady that we still hear about consistently over time. She stood at the forefront of the world stage and kept standing despite the droves of people who judge her worth based on her race and not how amazing and capable she really is.

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In music: Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Madonna, and Beyonce just to name a few…have been staples of music that have blown the door open for female artists to take over and show that they have the voices that are worthy of the support that was exclusive to men for so long.

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In entertainment: There are just so many. But, we would like to point out that our go to for at home options, advice, and stuff in general is still Oprah. She became the queen of daytime and her favorite things list is still on everyone’s radar.

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Nurses are predominantly women and they are out there caring for the loved ones we can’t reach. There are first responders, doctors, and just about every other public service that women have excelled at and are still fighting for the fairness that they should all have had all along.

Every mom on the planet that went through labor… enough said. Thank you, you know, for life.


Stall tall ladies. Take a moment to remember how amazing and graceful you are even if no one else says it out loud. You are a force to be reckoned with. Let no one forget it.

-Staff reporter

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