Dorian Gray… Our Old Haunts

Our gal Dorian has quite a story, which was sold to an author after making necessary creative changes to hide our secret.

What really happened was…

Dorian had been a nanny for a well to do family for years until she witnessed what must have been cult activity. Some people went missing and their bodies were later found in the sewers. She was sacked because they didn’t want any of the same staff by the time police questioning started.

Dorian lost her home and her livelihood with nowhere to go. So she joined a nunnery for a span of two years. Father Herbert assigned her to a parish near London where Mother Clare assigned her to Brother Dale.

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He was always hunting vampires. He was always talking about how they had to be tempered and resisted. He basically made her obsessed with a creature she wasn’t even sure existed. But, it was exciting to be out of the nunnery.

Finally, off of the streets, becoming an old maid by society’s standards in the early 1800’s, things were looking up. She got to travel, she got to meet new prospects. At 27, she had 3 good years to find a husband without being labelled a spinster. She had no intention of staying a nun forever. It was a last resort anyway to stay off of the streets.

Brother Dale did not require her to wear a habit, in fact, he would often have her pose as his wife during their hunts. She had never actually seen a vampire before, as far as she knew. But, of course Brother Dale insisted she has been entranced.

This was especially true during her last hunt with him. Eric had been watching for them. He wanted to teach the church a lesson about vampire hunting and entranced both Dorian and Brother Dale long enough to bite both of them.

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A month later Dorian had no heartbeat. At which point an angel appeared and told her the story of how vampires came to be, that she was one now, and that the portrait he was handing her of herself was a meter to gauge how human she was becoming.

You see, when you flat line, and get said portrait, the more human your body becomes from abstaining from blood means the portrait of you takes on your vampire traits. The more blood you drink, the more your portrait takes on your human traits. If you’ve given up blood long enough, you look human and your portrait looks vampire. Keep that up and you get a kill order to drink from Primus, otherwise you get charged with treason for trying to become fully human again. Long story. Read Daybreak for the whole cup of tea.

Dorian sought out Brother Dale to try and make sense of what was going on, just in time to see him killed by Caleb, Primus’ primary enforcer. He presented her with a choice, join Primus or join Brother Dale. Obviously, she chose to join Primus to stay alive.

I personally think she had plans to regain her humanity at first. But, once she saw the power, riches, and freedom of being part of our family she ultimately chose to stay undead. And she unleashed plague after plague, committed four genocides, and had to be put down. Not dead, but torn apart and reassembled as a blob until Primus finds that he has further use for her.

A diary was found among her possessions containing the story of Dorian Gray that we know today as a well to do man who made a deal with an Egyptian Cat Goddess in exchange for immortality by keeping his true form hidden in a portrait. The deal was, as long as he didn’t look at the portrait he would stay young and alive, and all of his evil deeds would be absorbed into his picture making him look horrible. But, of course he looked in the end and regained all of his years turning him to dust.

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Her story would have been a lot simpler if an arranged marriage was all she suffered from instead of schizophrenia. She always blamed the “voices” for her actions.

That or she was cursed and really did hear demonic voices egging her on. Maybe, I will get to ask her myself one day.

-Indio the Seeker, Esquire Ancient of the California Sanctum

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