Frankie… Our Old Haunts

Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley in 1821. however, an actual attempt to recreate a Frankenstein like being did not come about until 1941 during World War II. One would think that this was another insidious attempt by the Germans to dominate the war. However, this one was totally on America.

Let’s back up for a moment to give you some perspective.

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After Hitler’s failed attempt to overthrow the German government at Beer Hall Putsch he sought help from a rumored power. After searching for 8 years to find Dominic he made a deal to acquire vampiric entrancement without becoming undead in a ritual where he consumed Dominic’s blood as Sirenivan (founder of human trafficking in our world) used his special power of vocal amplification to instruct the blood on what to do inside of Adolf once consumed. This was the first transfer of vampiric ability into a human instead of another undead (which was common for strategy and unseen militia approaches to defend against the living immortals).

Adolf quickly used this new power to become the Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Unfortunately, the deal he made was power in exchange for genocide. Primus, who you will remember made a deal with Lucifer to get himself out of Hell, was given orders by Lucifer to attack the Israelites (known now as the Jews) in 1920 and was given 15 years to play out his plan. So, as a means to an end, he used Hitler and bigotry to say that all Jews had to be exterminated and started the genocide of God’s people.

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The Americans began collecting bodies from the battlefield and reassembling them into complete, albeit mismatched, bodies after Dr. Jones approached Tully Garner (Vice President John Garner’s son) and got a meeting with the VP’s wife Sarah. Dr. Jones relayed that she could help their cause without further bloodshed of American soldiers.

Dr. Jones knew how to summon dark spirits and implant them into the corpses. She secretly ran the experiment. Once the first 25 corpses were animated, they immediately consumed the staff and had to be contained in the missile silo the experiment began in. Dr. Jones alone escaped as she had vampiric abilities to defend herself. The silo (buried somewhere in South Dakota) was never revisited again. It is believed that the bodies either rotted to dust releasing the dark spirits, or the dark spirits were able to maintain the flesh as a side effect of the armor embedded into the bodies (to enhance their abilities in combat). They may very well remain underground and hungry to this day.

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After this failure, Dr. Jones met with Vice President Garner and his family one last time to erase their memory of ever having met her, the experiment, everything. Since hypnotic memory purging is her specialty, Grace (an Ancient at the California Sanctum) was never able to prove that Dr. Jones had betrayed Primus. But, these two flatlined ladies stayed at odds until Grace’s recent death due to mistrust on both sides.

The take away… our roots as vampires sometimes lead us to having to follow orders that we are not particularly proud of. This is a trait we still share with the rest of humanity. Never forget where you come from. It may be flawed.

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Do not accept your normal as normal. It is not normal to parley with the underworld. It should not be normal to hate others based on something as external as their race. Rate people based on whether they are jack asses or not. It’s a much better measure of a person’s worth.

-Brendonnas, Esquire Ancient of the California Sanctum.