Ghosts… Our Old Haunts

So, ghosts are not ghosts in the sense of the word. People don’t come back from the dead and haunt us as Elle found in Epic Undead Season 1. I’m just going to give you her notes on the subject here because we’ve just been summoned to another board meeting with Primus. I have a feeling someone will lose their head… literally. Here’s to hoping it’s not mine.

All I can say, is that since it’s not people haunting you… it’s probably those dark spirits like the ones we implant. Grenhelda’s got out and terrorized her ex boyfriend at the end of Season1… or was it the very beginning of Season 2?

He’s an immortal named Linus that’s been hacking us. We tricked him into going to a monastery of demon monks guarded by silver banshees because they were getting too close to the archangel’s camp at the Jade Gates in Tibet.

More details to come if I survive the meeting. Ciao.

-Toro, Ancient Esquire of SoCal

Elle’s notes:

(from Episode 11 – Part 1: In Hell)

“Well let’s see what’s out there.” I said nervous.

Once the door was opened I could see a fork in the road so to speak. A door made of pure flame and a door that led to pure darkness. I hoped Ryan had not been hidden in flames. Gabriel walked ahead of me grabbing my hand. We went into the darkness.

He had his own sort of light emanating off of him and I could see people with saucer sized eyes milling about like they had just survived some sort of disaster.

What happened to them?

Purgatory. The place of punishment for those who claimed their own life. Trapped here in darkness they are unaware and living in a repeating shadow of the life they were running away from.

Ryan is here?

Locked in a dark room upstairs and guarded.

By what?

Let’s just say your Holy water filled squirt bottle will do the job. But, you have to be quick about it. If they touch you then you will require cleansing before you can return to earth.

A lizard jar?

A Holy water bath more like.

We walked for what seemed like a mile through people who were just stuck and talking to themselves and crying out to their loved ones, apologizing and begging for their mothers, wives, sisters and everyone else to forgive them. I felt my heart break for them.

We finally came to a broken elevator that looked to have been on fire at one point. We stood, looking up into the shaft listening to the shrill screams coming intermittently from above us. Gabriel held me close like we were hugging and he jumped… well floated… in slow motion sort of. Angel flight is cool. We went almost as far up as the penthouse and sort of hovered at the end of the hall where the elevators doors were pried open and stuck.

These huge deformed looking cats with snake heads bulging out of their eye sockets hissed at us. They had reptile scales on their legs and the fur on the rest of their bodies seemed to flicker like flames. They crouched in attack formation as I fumbled for my water bottle. Before I could squeeze the trigger I dropped it and watched as it fell some twenty stories down.

“Damn it!” I screamed as I felt for the vile of Holy oil I had stuffed into my bra but Gabriel was hugging me to keep me from falling too.

“Wait for it…” he said expectantly.

I’m gonna get fed to a demonized cat.


  1. Wow, what an ending hahah! You definitely had me hooked till the end here. Thank you for sharing! 😀


    1. That means a lot coming from you! Thank you for visiting us :). We are glad you enjoyed our content.


  2. cath says:

    Nice cliff-hanger!

    What an intriguing set-up, too.

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    1. Thank you. We try to keep things intriguing 😊


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