Episode 20: Time to fly.

(Gemma’s reaction.)

I listened to Rachel’s story in awe. I didn’t realize God would let people work out their problems so violently. But, then it dawned on me that getting myself into fatal situations so I’d be happier with how I passed on was a violent means of therapy. I never though Rachel had it in her to do something like that. I remember a lot of those moments. I was loading my mom’s car when Clint almost got hit by a car in front of her house. I was sitting in the hot tub the day he almost drowned. Mom called me at work to come help her with car trouble, but I lied and said I was at work when really I was at my boyfriend’s and she didn’t like him. My stomach dropped and I suddenly didn’t feel safe around her.

I know she felt it. That sudden stiffness, that cold chill. She knew that I didn’t see her the same way anymore. But, I applaud her bravery for being honest with me anyway.

“We are pretty messed up aren’t we?” I tried to lighten the mood.

“I think I’m worse than you are though.” she said as she sipped some wine and let her eyes wander away, trying to hide the tears that wanted to spill over.

“I was selfishly trying to clear my name in my own head. You were trying to save someone’s life. You were trying to save your sister from years of abuse Rachel. I never knew, well, I mean I was dead by the time she told you. But, still. At least it wasn’t a selfish motive.” I tried to console her, and talk myself out of my newfound fear of her.

“You weren’t being selfish. You wouldn’t have cared how you died if you didn’t have a child. You cared about what dying did to her and what she thought about you. That’s not so bad you know?” she said, still condemning herself.

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“You know, maybe what you needed to know was that if you could have save d her, you would have. But, the life that you’re meant to save could be somebody here and now that one of these monster’s won’t get to kill. It could be a member of our family for all we know.” I reasoned.

“I have no idea. I’m actually kind of numb and just along for the ride.” she said calmly.

I think she really did hurt her soul trying to save Amy. Then to find out you’ve killed what you thought was good in you for someone else’s sake for nothing… that’s hard. I should cut her some slack. Besides, I’m a vampire now. How badly could she really hurt me? Maybe that’s why Gabriel trained me first, so I would calm down knowing I could defend myself if need be. I mean, it’s not like she’s here to kill me. Technically, I’m a killer too. Killing myself in different ways might just mean I’m slightly more twisted than she is.

“Okay ladies, it’s go time.” Gabriel said as he entered the room from the patio.

“Do we take a plane or something?” I asked.

“No, you’re going to travel by boat to Transylvania. I got word that Dr. Jones is trying to clone someone she shouldn’t be and we need to get to the bottom of where Vlad is because Raphael seems to have lost track of him at the Jade Gates.” Gabriel continued.

“I thought they were pearl gates in heaven.” I said confused.

“Yes, well, the Jade Gates are in Tibet. The boat is waiting. Just, keep an open heart and you will feel peace about which way to go, and absolute unrest if you’re going the wrong way. That’s how the Lord will lead you. I’m rooting for you guys.” he said as he sort of wafted into thin air.

I finished my drink and looked at Rachel. She stood and walked outside to see where this boat was. It seemed to be about a mile out to sea.

“Are we supposed to swim or something?” I asked.

“We are both undead spies now. We have to use our new gifts.” Rachel replied.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. We are both undead now?” I gasped surprised.

“Yeah, the last time I tried killing Clint I sort of got a vampire to rip his head off. I was the price though. So, if you see a dreadfully gorgeous vampire named Aaron, he’s pissed that I left. I got bitten, lost all function of my organs, heart stopped beating, an angel delivered a huge portrait to me, and I left a note in lipstick for him saying I was going back to heaven to get some answers.” Rachel told me as she stretched to get ready to swim.

“God let you into heaven as a vampire?” I asked.

“God laughed and said he had a job for me before I could come back.” she sighed.

“Do you like Aaron at least?” I offered.

“Yeah. That’s the problem. If I stay this way, I might not go back to being human before the apocalypse begins and have to face judgment all over again… and be sent to Hell. Aaron isn’t willing to risk Primus’ wrath and I’m not willing to risk God’s.” she explained as we walked to the shore and waded into the water.

“Who the hell is Primus?” I asked.

“There is so much I have to fill you in on. But, that’s fair. I’ve been undead for a decade. You’ve only been at it for like a month.” Rachel said and dove into the water.

I let that sink in as I realized I could zoom in and see the boat and the crew more clearly. I swear, he’s looking right at me. He’s got this aura like… shit he’s undead too. And Rachel is headed right for him.