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Hi there. Elle here. I thought I’d tell you a little bit about what Flatliner Books are about.


In reality, not in a movie or in a book, could vampires even exist? And if they did how? I have a degree in biology. It’s not possible. Not unless every textbook ever written was gag ordered by some secret ancient cult. So, what explanation is there? In order for a body that is dead to not die and the person’s “soul” (let’s call it) is still there so the dead guy has a personality and is not a zombie (because let’s face it – if undead cute guys exist then why not zombies too?) then something supernatural has to be going on… right?

Since they live off of blood and kill people in the process, that something supernatural has got to be sinister in some way. So, what if, like so many movies pose as a possibility, the first vampire became a vampire after making a deal with an evil force like the devil. Then, drinking blood and killing people for food makes more sense. So does spreading the venom and since being a vampire is a curse that can keep you out of Heaven then all the more success for evil huh?

But when? When could this have possibly have happened when vampires have been around for so long? I mean even the show about aliens in ancient times talks about vampires. What about after an ancient flood? What if, and geology supports that places like the Grand Canyon were formed because of flooding so there was a flood somewhere sometime, while the world was covered by this huge flood there were angels fighting demons on the ocean floor? Well, the world is flooded and that could have been where my backyard is right now, but what if there was a fight on the land that was flooded and demons being evil as they are took a few prisoners that were the good guys?

A good guy got rescued last (someone had to be last right) and had been in Hell long enough to actually be driven crazy. Then with the evil down there hissing in his ear he made a deal… with the devil… to become a vampire and “spare” people the fate of going to Hell by making them immortal and undead on earth…

Hmm, that would have been long enough ago for vampires to have been around for so long. And, then chaos ensued. God (since there are angels and the devil we need an ultimate good here to balance it all out) would give a similar deal to vampires as he gave to someone in the past. There was this guy named Lot (for real his mom could have done better naming him) who lived in a city that angels were about to destroy and he made a deal with God that if he could find 5 good men the city would have been spared. Of course he couldn’t and the city was destroyed. But the deal remained. So, we could say that God (being merciful and knowing it’s not necessarily your fault if you get bitten and turned into a vampire) would give the undead a similar deal. If 5 good men were stretching it back in the day, how about 3 vampires give up blood altogether and all of you can become human again if you want to.

Now there’s an idea. The only problem is, the first vampire wouldn’t want all of his hard work undone would he?

And here are the chronicles of what happened to a chosen few who lived under his rule.

Season one is on replay to get you all caught up. Seasons 2 and 3 are still online. Season 1 has been illustrated and will be available in book form from Amazon soon. The book series that the online seasons are tied to has the first two books available on Kindle, Book 1 is on paperback, and book 2 will be soon.

Just couldn’t resist more? Be a part of our epic journey and get member’s only extras like a spotlight in our Member’s Tribute, first looks at new events, and other undead stuff.

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SEASON 2 BEGAN ON 9/4/12: Season 2 ICON 3

SEASON 3 BEGAN ON 12/27/12: S2 Pic 4


56 thoughts on “About Us…

  1. Hi and nice to meet you. Thanks for liking a post.. Watch out for garlic .steaks and sunlight. Have a nice Evening….

    1. Hi there. Nice to meet you too. I know right! But, they only work if they’ve been blessed. So, in Chapter 9 when Caleb gets stabbed in the eye by a blessed silver steak knife that’s the only reason why it worked… and that was after Lorena grabbed a hand saw to try and bring him down. Who knew right?

      Have a fabulous day and thank you for visiting 🙂

        1. Thank you kindly! In Singapore (my little red dot) we do not celebrate 4 July. But getting out of hospital is a celebration in itself!! Have a smashing great weekend celebration 😀

  2. I found a proof reader on goodreads.com. Out of the goodness of her heart, she edited my whole book. I’ve spent 3 weeks so far on both our edits, and I should be ready by the end of the week to submit them. I’m editing line by line. This way I won’t have to re-publish, which would be too costly for me.
    Thanks for listening to my story,

    1. How exciting! The final touches are always a little nerve wrecking huh. I’m so glad you found a proofreader. They are invaluable. I never catch all of my typos until after it’s too late lol. Good help is a wonderful thing. It’ll do well. The reviews of The Dead Game were really good, so I’m sure people are chomping at the bit to see some more 🙂

  3. Wow! I love all the thought you put into the history of vampires. I just released a vampire book but I never dealt with their background. I decided to place them in a small town in the middle of a murder mystery. In my next book, I will consider whether I should delve deeper into the vampire myth. But I have to be careful not to remember any of your history. I try not to read vampire books because I don’t want to be influenced by other authors’ plots. I watch vampire TV shows.
    Good luck on your books,

    1. Author to author your story is wonderful. I’m so glad we got to touch base. It’s so refreshing to talk to someone who writes in the same genre. I really enjoy history and wanted to introduce historical events with a hint of vampire flare where the result of human history is because of vampire influence. If I can convincingly write in such a way where the whole thing is plausible then it makes the myth more fun lol.

      I do the same thing. I can’t read anything until I’m done writing so I don’t subconsciously borrow someone else’s material. But, let me tell you what a smile it has put on my face to think that in some small way I have touched the direction you may possibly write in to include history in your next book. I can’t wait to see the next installment!

      Thank you for visiting us here and Write On! 🙂 🙂

      1. We must keep in touch. Since my book is a mystery, I did take the name of the house, End House, from Agatha Christie. Otherwise, I’ve used my over-active imagination. I’m editing my book again this week because some of my reviews have stated that my characters are too stiff and don’t have enough depth to them. I’m loosening up the humans but I believe vampires should be haughty and stiff. You can’t please everyone. Susanne


        1. Yes, we should definitely stay in touch :). You really can’t please everyone lol. It’s sounds so intriguing, but being a mystery that’s the best part. Have you begun the next installment? 🙂

  4. I made a painting of a vampyre biting a hottie. Just a lil bloood… hahaha

    Thanks for da like

    (Does flatliner have the rights to the Egyptian Book of the Dead? Talk about a flatliner? Hee hee)

  5. Our species has always enjoyed “let’s pretend” and uniquely (unless you include otters) seems to pursue entertainment, so that’s a smart target. Takes our minds off reality in a better way than the politicians use and the dead and undead bodies lying around are only available when wanted and never smell bad. Gotta be a winner!

  6. I am honored that you liked another of my posts (on the US govt. sequester). I looked at your bio again – so many influences can take us in a different direction from our education, even an area of study we love. My youngest child is your age, with a PhD in biology, and right now she takes care of itty, bitty kittens abandoned by their mothers!

    1. Wow! I love kittens too. I can see the allure. Thank you for sharing. It makes me feel better knowing that other people my age are doing something different from what they originally aspired to 🙂

  7. Thank you for visiting my site and liking my summary of Super Bowl XLVII. Sad day for my San Francisco 49ers. But since they haven’t been to a Super Bowl in 18 years, it’s still something of a victory. Looking forward to even greater things from Colin Kaepernick next season.

    I haven’t read all the books on your reading list on the left, but can add my agreement on “Lord of the Rings”, “Pride Prejudice” and “Jane Eyre”.

    Thanks again!

    1. Thank you for your post about the Super Bowl. I thought the 30 something minute timeout/lights out issue would have made more of a difference too. Even though I was rooting for the Ravens I admired how the 49ers bounced back and only lost by like 3 points. If only there had been another field goal or something huh?

      Don’t feel bad. I haven’t read all of the books on my reading list either. That list is showing the books I want to read in the near future… or in some cases read again.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


      1. RE: If only there had been another field goal or something huh?

        San Fran had an opportunity to make a touchdown but the Ravens defense held them back. They were just outplayed. Next year!

        It was nice hearing from you!

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