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Loading soon…Welcome to our next adventure. As humanity sleeps, they live with their minds uploaded into cyborgs. Rogue A.I. was born and wants to exterminate us in our sleep. Abigail is the first successful permanent transplant from her human body to a cyborg. Only, the Rogue was born from her ex and Europe will declare…

Episode 8 – Part 4: Bloodied

(Belle’s 1st kill.) He thinks I’m coming around because I care less and less and have been more or less agreeable or at least less contentious. What he doesn’t realize is that me not caring is a bad thing. If I didn’t care then it wouldn’t hurt and I wouldn’t feel so badly that all…

Episode 8 – Part 3: Beheaded

(Belle’s split personality.) I slept next to him still hoping to hear a distant heart beat emerge from my chest. I never heard anything though. Not from him and nothing from myself. He held me like he used to, but I couldn’t sleep. Not really. I kept looking at him as he slumbered thinking ‘How…

Holiday Edition: New to the Crew

To all of our new crew members who have joined since our summer brunch, Welcome to Flatliner Books. We wish you a Merry Christmas, a Merry Undead Holiday Season, Safety & Health, and the comfort of hope in this holiday season. Thank you for joining our chaos!

This Just In…Undead Holidays

Join us in celebrating our holiday season! Yes, the undead have holidays, some expected and some surprising. Now that you’re with us, join in our traditional undead holiday merriment!

Replay: Night Terrors… from Epic Undead Season 2

Today I met the man that Genevieve destroyed. He made me feel at ease and to remember what it is to have a best friend I could talk to. It was like a flashback of how Troy and I used to be, and a memory of what Belen and I try to enjoy these days….

Dorian Gray… Our Old Haunts

Our gal Dorian has quite a story, which was sold to an author after making necessary creative changes to hide our secret. What really happened was… Dorian had been a nanny for a well to do family for years until she witnessed what must have been cult activity. Some people went missing and their bodies…

Our Jam For the Week… Our Old Haunts

This is Our Jam For the Week on This Just In… Our Old Haunts. Inspired by our long list of horror story acquaintances. All our friends are heathens and some of them are extremely horrible. That’s undead life at Flatliner Books. And Chaos Ensued.

This Just In… Our Old Haunts

It’s that time of year again, when the undead can be a little less resigned and hidden. People are out dressed up as us and we just went out and blended. But, did you know the real story behind some of the horror stories that became movies that became a part of what you indulge…

Preview Gallery: Epic Undead Season One

Presenting you with another look at the art in our upcoming release of Epic Undead Season One… Don’t miss the Cinema Trailer at the end of the post! Cinema trailer.